Fifty IS members killed as troops repulse Ramadi attacks

Members of the Iraqi Federal Police forces stand before a stash of projectiles belonging to Islamic State militants found western Mosul.

Anbar ( Fifty Islamic State militants were killed as security thwarted an attack to target regions in south and west of Ramadi, official said on Sunday.

In a press conference, Maj. Gen. Hadi Rezeij, chief of Anbar police, said, “the terrorist attack that IS carried out on September 27 on Ramadi was aiming at the fall of regions in west and south of the city.”

Security troops, according to Rezeij, “confronted the attack and inflicted huge losses on the enemy in addition to repulsing its scheme.”

“The losses were more than 50 murdered members and between 30-40 destroyed vehicles,” he added.

Earlier on the day, five suicide attackers were killed as security services and Tribal Mobilization Forces repulsed an IS attack in abul Jeir region, south of Ramadi.

On Saturday, six bombers were killed in the same region.

Ramadi was recaptured by government and tribal forces from IS in December 2015, however, several occasional attacks by the group have occurred since then.

The militant group invaded, last week, al-Tash and the 5th Kilometer regions, south and west of Ramadi. The militants reportedly took over al-Tash and al-Jamea (university) areas after invading them with 20 pickup trucks, however, troops were able to repulse the attack. 40 IS militants were killed, while three injured others were wounded, Brig. Gen. Saad Maan, spokesperson of Baghdad Operations said in a weekly press conference on Thursday.

Iraqi army announced the total recapture of the town of Annah, hours after recapturing neighboring Rayhana area, earlier this month. Troops also liberated Akashat region, between Rutba town, on borders with Jordan, and Qaim, on borders with Syria.

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