Five more Iraqis killed as deadly protests continue in Dhi Qar

A demonstration on Thursday in central Baghdad. Iraqis have taken to the streets this week to protest corruption and unemployment.

Dhi Qar ( – Five more Iraqis, including a security member, was killed Saturday in Dhi Qar province as deadly protests entered their fifth consecutive day across Iraq.

“The death toll from violent protests in Dhi Qar province rose to five, including a security member, while at least 40 others were wounded,” Ali Albayati, member of Iraqi independent higher human rights commission, told Sputnik.

Angry protesters also set fire to the headquarters of a political party and a provincial building, promoting security forces to use force to disperse them, he pointed out.

The protests, which started on Tuesday over unemployment, corruption, and poor public services, have escalated, with many chanting for the “fall of the regime,” a slogan first popularized during the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings.

“We are demanding a change, we want the downfall of the whole government,” said one protester in Baghdad who declined to identify himself for fear of reprisal.

Police and the army opened fire and launched tear gas canisters to disperse hundreds of protesters all over Baghdad.

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