22 Al-Qaeda gunmen killed, arrested, terrorist shelters destroyed in Jazera area of Iraq

22 Gunmen killed, arrested, terrorist shelters destroyed in Jazera area
Baghdad ( A gunman was killed and (21) others were arrested within the Revenge for Martyrs security operation on Monday.

The official spokesperson of the Joint Operations Command, Brigadier Saad Maan, declared a statement received by ”The Federal Police / Third Division/ carried out a proactive security operation in which the forces raided three Qaeda terrorist shelters in Jazera area of western Hadher area.’

”’The same security forces succeeded in destroying a plant of manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices and camps of training terrorists as well as killing a terrorist and arresting (21) others, among them a fugitive of Abu Gharib prison and two fugitives of Tasferat prison,” the statement added.”The Revenge for Martyrs security operation, which was launched on 1/ August/2013 will continue its security operations basing intelligence efforts in order to eliminate all terrorist groups,” the statement concluded.

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