Gunmen shoot taxi driver near Makhmour

NINEWA / A taxi driver on Saturday was wounded when unknown gunmen opened fire on him near Makhmour district, according to an army source. “Gunmen driving a Nissan pick-up truck shot a taxi driver who was driving to a village affiliated with Makhmour,” the source told Iraqi News. “The wounded was taken to al-Qayara Hospital (60 km south of Mosul) for treatment,” the source noted. “Army forces defused a roadside explosive device on a main road linking Makhmour to al-Qayara near Makook village (33 km west of Makhmour),” according to the same source. Makhmour is one of the disputed areas between the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government Kurdistan RegionG). It is administratively affiliated with Ninewa province and lies 68 km southwest of Arbil, the capital city of Kurdistan, which is 362 km northeast of Baghdad. SS (P) 1

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