Hundreds of ISIS fighters arrive on Salahuddin outskirts


( A local source in Nineveh province announced on Monday, that hundreds of ISIS fighters have arrived on the outskirts of Salahuddin province, coming from the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The source said in an interview for, “Hundreds of ISIS fighters, mostly of foreign nationalities, arrived on the outskirts of Salahuddin province,” noting that, “They came from the Syrian city of Raqqa by military and civilian vehicles.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, added, “The ISIS elements stayed in the city of Mosul for three days before heading to the outskirts of Salahuddin. They had prepared a number of trapped vehicles and suicide bombers to carry out attacks on Baiji refinery oil and gatherings of the security forces in Mount Hamrin northeast of Tikrit.”

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