IAF kills 30 militants, destroys ISIS ranks north of Tikrit

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Salahuddin ( On Tuesday, a security source in Salahuddin province revealed, that 30 elements of the ISIS group have been killed in an air strike that targeted the group’s ranks between north of Tikrit and Anbar province.

The source informed IraqiNews, “The army’s air force conducted an air strike on ISIS ranks, consisting of a number of vehicles heading to the area of al-Jazira, located between the district of al-Siniyah in north of Tikrit and the province of Anbar,” pointing out that, “The air strike resulted in killing 30 elements of the ISIS group and burning all of their vehicles.”


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  1. Carpet bombings of the localities occupied by ISIS or other terror outfits is a necessity of time and hence should do it immediately without any further delay to defeat terrorism.

  2. Lion, you have mentioed to do carpet bombing many times in many news articles. Iraqi planes and the International Coalition planes will not do carpet bombing on villages or cities simply as it would kill lots of civilians. It appears that is what you want to do, kill many civilians.

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