International coalition destroys ISIS convoy carrying reinforcements to Ramadi


( Anbar Provincial Council announced on Sunday, the destruction of a convoy belonging to the ISIS organization by the US-led international coalition warplanes, adding that the convoy was carrying reinforcements from Fallujah to Ramadi.

The deputy chairman of the council Faleh al-Issawi said in press statements, “The warplanes of the international coalition, in coordination with the security forces, managed this evening to bomb a convoy of vehicles belonging to ISIS in Albu Bali area in eastern Ramadi,” and explained, “The convoy was carrying reinforcements from the city of Fallujah to the areas of Albu Aatha and Albu Faraj east of Ramadi.”

Issawi continued, “The convoy was completely destroyed.”

On Sunday, Anbar Provincial Council announced arming three battalions of the local police in the province, while emphasized the arrival of large military reinforcements to Anbar Operations Command.


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  1. That was really well struck, you guys! Can you believe it, completely destroying a large convoy full of important materials and fighters for the terrorists! Keep them coming, coalition, and keep sending them all straight to hell, whilst Iraq and the Kurds keep on defending and liberating the towns across the country in the months to come. God bless Iraq, Kurdistan and the West, and to hell with Daesh, with the promise of more huge strikes like this superb one.

  2. Has ISIS made any significant progress since the US and coalition began bombing them? Where, when and how has such progress been made if any? The answer is these suicidal psychopaths have practically nothing since they crossed the US by killing innocent civilians such as the Yizidis. ISIS may be tactically capable but is strategically the dumbest bunch in the history of warfare!!

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