Internet, communication services return to Tikrit

Internet, communication services return to Tikrit

Salah-il-Din ( The internet and telecommunication services returned to Tikrit city, center of Salah-il-Din Province on Thursday, according to statement by a security source.

The source told “The internet and telecommunications services returned to Tikrit city after seven months of suspension imposed by the terrorist ISIL gangs.”

Iraqi Security Forces , volunteers and tribesmen continue clearing Tikrit city from remaining of the terrorist gangs as well as the bombs and car bombs left in the city. /End/

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  1. Good that the internet has been restored in Tikrit. From other reports from Tikrit the city still needs to be cleared considerably as there are still lots more ISIL in the city. ISIL uses the internet but it will not do any of the Tikrit city ISIL fighters any good besides they would still be very busy fighting the Iraqi Forces. Some ISIL fighters instead of fighting to the death might try to pose as civilians and hide in the city.
    For quite some time ISIL had been preparing to defend Tikrit at that would include preparing many car bombs and booby traps so the Iraqi Forces certainly will be very busy for quite some time clearing them, meanwhile there are still many more ISIL fighters to be cleared as well within the city.

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