Iraq condemns use of force in Yemen


( On Thursday, Iraqi Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the military intervention in Yemen, while confirmed the importance of renouncing the use of force, and stressed the need to adopt the method of serious dialogue.

The ministry said in a statement received by, “The recent developments in Yemen and the intervention of military forces by the GCC and other Arab countries, and on the basis of the position of the Republic of Iraq—which is keen to invite all parties to dialogue and language of reason and to maintain Yemen’s unity and sovereignty—we express our concern about the military intervention in Yemeni affairs.”

The ministry warned, “This will complicate the situation in Yemen more than before and there is no room for political solutions in complicated conditions,” asserting that Iraq’s position is “to renounce the use of force and invite Yemeni parties to overcome their differences by adopting the style of serious dialogue and advocacy to take responsibility and remove the rationale for the political tension by reaching an agreement on a formula for co-existence.”

The ministry called on Arab states to “practice their roles by supporting the national dialogue with the participation of all political forces to find a solution to the crisis of Yemen.”


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  1. Iraq is in the position where it has no choice but to use military force against ISIL.
    Maybe serious dialogue already has been tried in Yemen but the same situation may apply in Yemen as it applies in Iraq, where Yemen may have no choice but to use military force.

    • iraqi forces and peoples are saving own country in iraq. and just like that the yemeni people are defending their country from saudia america and israil.yemeni houtis are under attack from saudi americi israili supported triblles llike alqida and isis and isil

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