Iraq extradites to Russia four women, 27 children, who belonged to Islamic State

Children in training camp belonging to ISIS. Archival photo.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has announced extraditing four women and 27 children, who belonged to Islamic State, to Russia, AlSumaria News reported.

In remarks to media channels, the ministry spokesperson, Ahmed Mahjoub, said, “Iraq has extradited to Russia 27 children and four women who were tricked into joining Islamic State.”

They were handed over after being interrogated, Mahjoub said, adding “they were proven to have not participated in terrorist operations against civilians or security troops.”

However, he said, “they will stand trial in Russia for entering Iraq illegally.”

Russian media previously reported that authorities managed to return back a Russian child, whose parents joined terrorist groups, including IS, in Syria and Iraq.

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesperson of the media office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was quoted on Wednesday by Al-Hurra TV channel as saying that Iraq will coordinate with the countries of detainees who had been proved innocent of crimes, including murders and bombings, in Iraq, to hand them over.

Hundreds of foreign wives and children of IS members, who were captured as security forces gradually seized back territories held by the militant group since 2014, are held by Iraqi authorities.

Earlier this week, Iraq’s judiciary ordered the extradition of a French woman who had been arrested, along with her four children, in Mosul. She was convicted of illegal entry to the country. She was handed a seven-month jail term and released upon ending her stretch.

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