Iraq repatriates 188 Turkish children left by ISIS

Iraq repatriates 188 Turkish children left by ISIS
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(IraqiNews) Iraqi judiciary has repatriated 188 Turkish children, who were left by the Islamic State group in Iraq, in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi and Turkish governments.

“The Central Court of Investigation, which is responsible for the file of terrorism and foreign suspects, has repatriated 188 Turkish children. The children belong to the Islamic State group,” the spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, said in a statement.

Furthermore, Birgdar added some of those repatriated were adults and served prison sentences in Iraq. They were convicted on charges of transgressing the border and expiration of residence period.

The statement also explained, “Government officials from both countries, UNICEF and representatives of the Iraqi judiciary were present during the repatriation that took place at Baghdad airport.” The representatives remained at the airport until the children got on the airplane, the statement pointed out.

At least 1,100 children of ISIS fighters are believed to be in the Iraqi court system, while nearly 200 children as young as nine have been sentenced, according to a Reuters investigation.

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