Iraqi army foils ISIS attack on army headquarters in eastern Ramadi

Iraqi army soldiers. Archival photo.
Iraqi army soldiers. Archival photo.

( al-Anbar – On Tuesday, a security source in Anbar province said, that the security forces managed to repel an ISIS attack on an army headquarters in eastern Ramadi.

The source told, “A force from the 1st battalion of the army’s 1st brigade had managed to repel an attack by ISIS militants on its headquarters in the city of al-Karma,” noting that, “Violent clashes broke out between the security forces and ISIS elements in the area.”

“The clashes resulted in killing and injuring dozens of ISIS elements, as well as inflicting heavy losses in lives and equipment upon the ISIS ranks in the area,” the source added.


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  1. Al-Karma is 58km from Baghdad and after a year of fighting ISIS its about time that the area was cleared of ISIS.

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