Iraqi forces liberate strategic road, kill 18 terrorists in northwest of Fallujah

Baghdad Operations Command spokesman General-Officer Saad Mo'en. File photo.
Baghdad Operations Command spokesman General-Officer Saad Mo’en. File photo.

( Baghdad – On Saturday, Baghdad Operations Command announced, that the security forces had managed to liberate the road leading to Nazim Taqsim northwest of Fallujah, pointing out to the killing of 18 militants and the dismantlement of 80 IEDs during the battle for it.

Baghdad Operations Command spokesman, General-Officer Saad Mo’en, stated in an interview with, “The Iraqi security forces completed the liberation and opening of the road which leads to the area of Nazim Taqsim,” asserting that, “The forces had inflicted big losses, by bombing five vehicles and killing 18 terrorists, in addition to dismantling 80 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and the seizure of weapons and different equipment.”

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