Iraqi, Kurdish delegations convene in Mosul on running disputed regions

Kurdish Peshmerga forces celebrate Newroz Day, a festival marking spring and the new year, in Kirkuk March 20, 2017. REUTERS/Ako Rasheed/File Photo

Mosul ( Two Iraqi and Kurdish military delegations have convened in Mosul for talks over Iraqi troops deployment at disputed regions between Erbil and Baghdad, BasNews reported.

The meeting, sponsored by U.S., started in the evening on Thursday and is still ongoing.

According to informed sources, the meeting is supposed to tackle several new proposals on Iraqi troops deployment in disputed regions.

Another source told Alghad Press that the meeting is expected to last for long time, “especially after the two governments of Baghdad and Erbil confirmed necessity to come up with a resolution that satisfies both solutions as soon as possible.”

Iraqi troops have reportedly been on high alerts in west of Mosul, after Erbil was declared to have stepped back from an agreement between with Baghdad.

Kurdistan Regional Government proposed, early today, joint Iraqi-Kurdish deployment at Khabur strategic border crossing between the region and Turkey, with participation of observers from the U.S.-led Coalition

This came after general administration of Khabur exit denied on Wednesday news that Iraqi troops took control on it. Moreover, Jabbar al-Yawar, secretary general of Peshmerga Ministry told Sputnik agency that no federal troops exist at the crossing.

The crossing has been under focus after Iraqi authorities imposed strict measures on it after Kurdistan held its independence referendum on September 25.

Since then, Baghdad had declared intentions to retake areas disputed on with Erbil.

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