Iraqi Parliament to vote on draft to ban foreign armed groups

Iraqi Parliament to vote on draft to ban foreign armed groups
Iraqi parliament.

Baghdad (BasNews) According to a draft, if passed by the Iraqi parliament, all foreign armed groups that are posing a potential threat to the security of the neighboring countries need to be banned.

Shakhawan Abdullah, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament, told BasNews that a draft is expected to be discussed in the Iraqi parliament on Thursday, according to which “no groups or parties are allowed to operate within Iraq and use its soil against another country.”

Referring to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah said the presence of the party in Sinjar will constitute major issues for Iraq, Kurdistan Region and Turkey, noting that Turkey may continue its military operations on Sinjar.

He continued to say that PKK has turned Sinjar into another Qandil, referring to the party’s main headquarter located in Mount Qandil in northern Kurdistan Region, stating that PKK is using the area against Turkey.

He added that PKK has posed a threat to the security of the region.


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  1. the kurds have there own self governing territory they should go and live there not work in the iraqi parliament iraq should have thrown the kurds out of iraq a long time ago and iraq should throw them out with military force they should not be allowed to visit religious sites in iraq be it iraqi kurd iranian kurd or turkish kurd none of them should be allowd visas to iraq.

  2. The spirit of this law is good. PKK and IS will be condemned by all sovereign states anyway.

    It is a risky prospect; US and coalition may interpret this poorly.

    What it comes down to is: Iraq does not want to be the place for bandits and gangs with no home or country. The spirit is good.

  3. There is only one fix to the problems of the ME (simillarfor the regions powerhouse) and that is to undo the source of the problem, which was western divide and rule. How was this division effected and how does it serve western interests to date. The West together with their Muslim/Arab/Persians counterparts hate the solution and would rather take down the whole world than implement the fix.

    Solution: Undo the borders drawn up by the west which was designed to leave a people disinfranchised of nationhood and then decades later be used to fuel rebellion born from a rightful resistance. The current crisis plaguing Palestine, Kurdistan and the Congo are perfect examplesof this western tactic and the fact that these three sores have tenuos names if at all becasue they do not really exist. With regards to the Kurds and Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, these currebt countries need to put a middlefinger upto the west and reconstitute the Kurds as a nation.

    This should be done out of a love for the Ummah, a growth for the Ummah, a flowering of the Ummah. This alone will remove the stranglehold the west has on the minds of the Ummah particularly the leaders who the west do not need to talk to now as the region is merely a pawn of a finished game.

    Look at it this way, the ummah is outfoxed and losing under the current reality. Why not flip the reality and make the loss turn into a loss with benefit. Giving up what was probably not yours in the first place but giving up what your enemy gave you which was already yours as in the Ummah. Establish the peope back in the land and they should not bite the hand that feeds them. Currently, western colonialisation is the hand that feeds most of the corruption on the lands.

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