Iraqi president meets premier, par’t speaker on violations of sovereignty

Popular Mobilization Forces

Baghdad ( – Iraqi President Bahram Salih met on Monday with Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohammed al Halbousi to discuss repercussions of recent airstrikes on the paramilitary Popular Mobilization Forces in al-Qaim town on the country’s border with Syria.

“The targeting of the 45th brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces represents a violation of Iraqi sovereignty,” the three officials said in a press statement issued by Abdul Mahdi’s office following their meeting at the As Salam palace in Baghdad.

The meeting also discussed measures taken by the government to probe whether “a foreign party is involved in the recent air raids on the weapons depot” of the Popular Mobilization Forces in al-Qaim town.

The statement voiced “support for the government in its measures to protect the country’s sovereignty and strengthen its defense capabilities.”

Iraq will not stand idle in face of aggressors and will take all necessary measures to defend its security and sovereignty, the statement added.

Two members of the Popular Mobilization Forces were killed Sunday in an airstrike that targeted their vehicle in the western province of Anbar.

The airstrike, launched by unknown drones, targeted a position of the Popular Mobilization Forces’ 45th brigade in an area near the town of al-Qaim close to the border with Syria.

The airstrike also wounded a paramilitary fighter.

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