IS Emir of Wilayat al-Jazeera killed in Anbar

IS Emir of Wilayat al-Jazeera killed in Anbar
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Anbar (IraqiNews) Paramilitary forces leader Qatary al-Samarmad announced, on Wednesday, killing the so-called Islamic State’s Emir of Wilayat al-Jazeera, along with six others in an air strike by the Iraqi Air Force, west of Anbar.

Samarmad said in a press statement that after receiving information about the presence of the terrorist Abdullah Farhan, a.k.a Abu Muaallam al-Iraqi, in the desert of Anbar, joint forces from the Iraqi army and al-Hashd al-Ashaeri pursued 4 IS members in Dulab area, in Heet District.

He added that the warplanes bombed the tunnel, where the militants hid, while security forces found seven bodies belonging to the Islamic State inside the tunnel, including the Emir of Wilayat al-Jazeera, Abu Musallam al-Iraqi.

The terrorist group used that tunnel as a hideout to plan for attacks and terrorist operations against security forces and civilians, he further explained.

The operation came as part of an intelligence effort between the forces from the army’s 7th division and al-Hashd al-Ashaeri in the region, which facilitated the pursuit of terrorists and eliminating them.

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