ISIL orders destruction of all churches in Mosul

ISIL instructs to destroy churches in Mosul

Nineveh ( The ISIL elements instructed to destroy the churches in Mosul.

Security source stated to “The ISIL elements instructed to destroy the churches in Mosul.”


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  1. RE: NOOIC Please Support & Stand along side with NOOIC to make a Strong DEMANDS to Iraq’s Terrorist current Government, to Force an End of ALL Targeting and Killing of Iraqi Christians inside War Zone Iraq, and to Prevent Another Genocide See Previous Genocide Against Iraqi Christians inside Iraq Iraq’s current Government Must provide save Passage for ALL Iraqi Christian out of Iraq. The proof of Undisputed Evidence that Iraq’s current terrorist government was Part of Christian Church Massacre Please see Video of Eye Witness Testimony Thank you. We pray to GOD to guide us to do his will.

  2. how to deal with those isis guys?How to handle those religion fanatics, i am fed up with religion lies and misquiding for a long time. What we, the people, need is Truth with capital. This is the bill we pay for thousands of years religion lies and separation. Seek for the Truth first and all the other things shall provied for you, some one said. This period of time is a very special time. What have you learned, what do you believe, what you want… Do you really want to kill your brother and what are you figting for. I think in this time you must play your cards right. This is time of believe , who am i, what am i, what is life. That shall be your protection, to see your misguided brothers as One. We are One. We are blessed all the way by that One God and for sure we shall complete our mission on this world. Maybe we have forgotten what that mission is, why we are here. But do know that you are not left alone by yourself and that Love has never left us and never shall. You can be sure off that.

  3. there is a saying in our country which is translated as” when we have troubled times looming and see ‘s it ahead we have crooked intelligence”

  4. they were killed like chickens in Syria by Hezbollah and now they reached Iraq… their time will come again.

  5. TO: All world leaders, I am asking to world leaders, what happening in Iraq and Syria, Why you not complete active for destroy the ISIS. How many they kill people specially Christians, also they destroyed many churches, Many western and Asian countries Sleeping and they wait how many Christians they killing. your not able to join with other country for fight against ISIS, How many innocent Christians and Kurdis people killed by ISIS ? Muslims very happy to see killing people in Iraq. one day time will come Surprise to Muslims people

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