ISIS beheads 300 people from Anbar’s tribes over the past few days, says Anbar MP

File photo of ISIS terrorists preparing to behead their hostages.
File photo of ISIS terrorists preparing to behead their hostages.

( Baghdad – The MP of Anbar province, Adel Khamis Mahlawi, announced on Wednesday that ISIS terrorists beheaded 300 people in the province over the past few days and that he urged the Central Government and leaders of al-Hashd al-Sha’bi (the Volunteer Fighters) to intervene to prevent more ISIS atrocities.

Mahlawi said during a press conference held today at the parliament building and attended by, “ISIS continues in a series of terrorist crimes against the Iraqi people, especially the members of Anbar tribes,” pointing out that “the organization slaughtered 300 people in the past days; they belong to the tribes of  Abu Mahal, al-Karabla, al-Salman, Albu Obaid, and al-Raoyen. ”

Mahlawi, a deputy from the Union of Forces, added that: “Everyone should bear moral and legal responsibility for the genocide suffered by the people of Anbar at the hands of outsiders of this era and save its people from their crimes. ”

Mahlawi called Arab, Islamic countries, religious authorities, international community, the government and the leaders of al-Hashd al-Sha’bi to “intervene immediately to save the people of the province and to support them with weapons and gear to get rid of the clutches of ISIS.”


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