ISIS detonates large parts of Nineveh historical wall


Nineveh ( A Kurdish official revealed on Tuesday evening that the ISIS organization had bombed large parts and tracts of the ancient Nineveh wall, indicating that such an act violates the right of human culture and heritage.

The media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul, Saed Mimousine said in an interview for, “ISIS militants blew up today large parts and expanses of the archaeological wall of Nineveh in al-Tahrir neighborhood,” explaining that, “The terrorist group used explosives in the process of destroying the archaeological fence.”

Mimousine added, “The Wall of Nineveh is one of the most distinctive archaeological monuments in Iraq and the Middle East,” adding that, “The fence dates back to the Assyrian civilization.”

Mimousine stressed that, “Bombing the archaeological monuments by ISIS is a flagrant violation of the right of human culture, civilization and heritage,” calling the international community to “take a stand to curb the destruction of historic monuments.”


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  1. Just like naughty children they got to blow something up make them think they are still powerful, when in fast they are loosing, all they can do is throw their toys out of the pram in a strop…

    Loosing in Syria and loosing in Iraq.. ISIS is finished

  2. estes cães estão acabando com tudo ao seu redor,morte a todos este malditos barbudos.porcos imundos.muralhas centenárias que fizeram parte da história antiga e estes imundos acabando com tudo.estes cães jihadistas tem que ser exterminados ou ainda irão causar grandes destruições e matar muitos inocentes e indefesos.ypg,peshmergas,iraqi force,coalizão todos juntos avanti e destruam estes imundos barbudos o mais depressa possível!!

  3. Cowereds isis .they should go blow up them self instead the nineveh.and no one is doing anything about that .where is America and Europe

  4. Sad to see our Assyrian History being destroyed forever because of some ignorant people. Taking all we ever had, killing our people, erasing us from life itself and nothing really being done. Sad sight it is for sure.

  5. Loosing such ancient artifacts of one of the oldest and greatest civilizations is shame for the whole world, even more to the Assyrian remnants of Assyria such as myself. What would it take for organizations such as the American Anthropological Association, the American Association of Museums, and the American Library Association and The Archaeological Institute of America to unite and pass a resolution to ask the world community to help in saving the destruction of these great artifacts of the cradle of civilization.

  6. It is indeed a sad and painful news for every iraqi. Sometimes I wish to pretend that I am not Iraqi in order not to suffer the pain of such loss. How dare they? As good old Forrest Gump said; A stupid is what a stupid does!

  7. Que se foda a ISIS, os judeus e os monhés, todos eles são mal cheirosos com barbas nojentas, são todos mafiosos

  8. Really? We’re worried about them blowing up a wall when they still have thousands of Yazidi girls held as sex slaves? They are publicly engaging in genocide against entire cultures, raping girls as young as 7 years old and holding half of two countries captive. And we’re worried about a wall?

    • Tom, that is part of what ISIS is about. The destruction of everything on earth that isn’t in line with their twisted sense of ideology and belief. It is about destroying the past, present and future of this world that isn’t part of “Islam”. The sex slave industry is just a small part of their twisted, tyrannical cult ideology. All of it is just more fuel to the fire of why these people need to be wiped off the earth.

      • Kristin, I get that. But, what I don’t get is the insanity of the news coverage. History and culture are important, but I’ll never be convinced that it is more important than individuals.

        I work with a charity that is working with the orphans in the IDP camps in Kurdistan, so the people affected by ISIS to me are not just numbers thrown out on the news. They’re little boys and little girls, with names, stories, tears and scars. They’re widows who watched their daughters taken from them or their sons shot in front of them. It’s little Najmah who copes with losing her parents by singing. It’s Suad who was sold as a sex slave but bravely managed to escape the grip of ISIS. It’s Nihal, who got separated from her parents on Mt. Sinjar and no one knows whether her family is alive or dead.

        The world at large doesn’t care what is going on in Iraq and Syria because they don’t know what is going on. In the media, it is all about airstrikes, battles with the Peshmerga and blowing up a wall. When will the world take action? When/if they see the human toll. But the media doesn’t like to tell painful stories…they like to tell stories with explosions, because it allows people to sit back and say, “That’s not my problem.”

  9. the kurdis,Turkish,Iranian,Arabs they are all Muslims that don’t like Christian all they have in their history is blood on their hand because that is their history they bomb historical buildings so Assyrian can’t claim their land

  10. They made no money in this act.
    I suppose alot of people didn’t get killed.
    They didn’t get one up on their enemies.
    So. What was the objective?

    Did they think Noah and the whale bones were there?

    ISIS has no real cliff notes.
    Their only objective is to keep 1 uping their last act of hate.

  11. isis are a pathetic bunch of retards that will run out of time. history will repeat itself. the world is slowly getting the idea this bug needs to be squished and exterminated. its only a matter of time, boy are these fools going to be shocked when they land up in hell and find out their religion was one massive lie. come on world, speed things up, lets take these girls with baby weiners out.

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