ISIS executes 300 people west of Anbar

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.


( The head of the tribal leaders in Anbar Council, Naim Gaood announced on Thursday, that the ISIS organization elements have executed 300 people from Anbar western the province.

Gaood said in press statements, “The ISIS group militants executed 300 security elements and civilians in Qaim district west of Anbar.”

“The executed belonged to the tribes of Karbala, Salman and Albu Mahal, but most of them were from Albu Mahal,” he added, noting that, “ISIS militants executed civilians accused of collaborating with the Iraqi security forces.”

The President of Anbar Provincial Council, Sabah Krhot announced on Wednesday (April 8, 2015), the launch of military operations, named ‘Anbar’s Grand Operations’, to liberate all the cities and regions of the province,” while emphasized that more than 10 thousand tribal fighters would participated in these operations.


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  1. A MOURNING DAY FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAQUE.Alguém stop these damned sanguinários.O Iraqi Army, Peshmerga force, yet the international coalition continues isis atuando.Será Iraqi territory so large that it can not surround these dogs as well as TITO made with the Jews in 70 AD? Against them (isis) have dialogue not only with the use of bullet can destroy these bastards.

  2. I have been time and again asking Iraqi armed forces to do carpet bombings of the areas under occupation of ISIS without worrying for civilian casualties as these civilians have helped ISIS in their struggle to occupy the large swathe of land in Iraq and Syria. If ISIS kill one security element or a civilian, armed forces should kill 1000 terrorists and their sympathisers.

  3. Carpet bombing of areas under occupation of ISIS and other terrorists is the only way to get rid from terrorism.

  4. Lion, there is bound to be at least some civilians there that have NOT helped the terrorists and carpet bombing would kill at least some innocent civilians. Their family and relatives on hearing that their family member was killed by the carpet bombing then would hold that against Iraq and the International Coalition countries for the rest of their lives where they would want blood revenge where there will be fighting in Iraq with killings and bombings continuing into Iraq’s future. It appears that is what you want by keeping on saying to do carpet bombing and don’t worry about civilian casualties.
    ISIL is doing this in all the places where ISIL is, so if they do carpet bombing in all of these places then you will have families and relatives all over the northern and western parts of Iraq who will do more killings and more bombing so they also can have their blood revenge, and there will never be peace in the future for Iraq due to you wanting carpet bombing and you not caring about the killing of civilians.

    • I agree with you that carpet bombing will add to the sufferings of civilians but you have to accept the reality that ISIS succeeded in occupying this large swathe of land with the help and full assistance of these civilians in areas controlled by ISIS. The speicher camp killings of innocent armed forces was carried out by their own colleagues who switched over their loyalty to ISIS. The terrorism today which is witnessed by you and me and possibly our next generations as well if not uprooted completely is being sponsored and abetted by some of the Takfiris and some Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan and while these countries are not sparing any effort to stop terrorism then as to why the others should not obliterate the epicentres of terrorism. Obliteration of epicentres of terrorism is good for you for me and for children and our next generations and carpet bombings are the only solution to obliterate terrorists.

  5. Carpet bombing of the areas occupied by ISIS and their sympathisers is the only way to get rid from terrorism and defeating to terrorists.

  6. I accept ISIS as terrorist organization Not only Isis but All the governments and most people in the world have
    Misused their power they all the time invaded , killed and tortured and colonised those countries who had less power than them in diffrent period of times. Hitler killed over 30 million people altogether who started war. Uk killed and tortured abd enslaved Indians and Pakistanis over 200 years and also invaded Afghanustan and killed many Afghans as well and from there they were defeated. France as well , Spain as well Italy as well most of the very temporary powerful governments have misused their power we must not hide the TRUTH. We only like to watch superman and spiderman in the movies to fool others or eachothers with big power comes big responsibility but in reality we acted reverse or against what we said we just have to make excuses for protecting our crimes to fool eachothers. USA bombarded two Japanese cities yorisheema and Nagasaki with Atomic bombs and killed millions of people and paralysed millions and still people born handicapped there because of chemical bombs. In short all the governments and their supporters have misused their very temporary power in this very short very temporary timptitive transit choice test life. I hope that cleared your mind and soul and the mind and souls of all true believers and the mind and souls of all true honest and good people.

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