ISIS executes 300 people by firing squad north of Mosul

ISIS members while executing Iraqi men by firing squad.
ISIS terrorists executing Iraqi captives by firing squad.

( Nineveh – Member of Nineveh Provincial Council, Hossam al-Din al-Abbar, announced, that the Islamic state executed 300 civilians and former security members, north of Mosul.

Abbar said in a press statement, “Today, ISIS members executed 300 persons for collaborating with security forces,” pointing out that, “The ISIS was detaining them in its prisons, and then executed them by firing squad in Moshairefa village, north of Mosul.”

“ISIS filmed the execution after the so-called Sharia Court issued the death sentence in Wilayet Nineveh,” Abbar added.

The ISIS executed thousands of Mosul residents after capturing the city in June 2014, on different charges, especially for collaborating with the security forces.


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