ISIS executes 50 citizens from the people of Mosul daily, says MP

SIS elements file photo.
SIS elements file photo.

( Baghdad – The member of the security and defense committee in the Parliament, MP Nayef al-Shammari, announced on Thursday, that ISIS executes 50 citizens from the people of Mosul daily.

Al-Shammari said in an interview for, “We hope that the operation to liberate Nineveh will be fast,” stating that “the province bleeds every day; an average of 50 people are executed by ISIS daily.”

Al-Shammari added: “the people of Nineveh are demanding the liberation of their province and will receive the security forces with flowers,” explaining that “after the liberation of Mosul,  the people, who had joined ISIS, will receive the punishment.”



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  1. Mosul has been occupied by ISIS since June 2014 and as the liberation has not even started yet then it might take over another year before Mosul has been fully liberated. So expect a lot more of Mosul citizens will be killed by ISIS before Mosul has been fully liberated.

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