ISIS fighters shave beards, change clothes after defeat in Tikrit

Salahuddin ( According to a source for inside Salahuddin province, the militants within the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) of whom were defeated in North Tikrit during the battles against the Iraqi Army, fled from the city as a result of many losses that have weakened their rule over the city and the surrounding areas.

The source added that, the ISIL militants fled from the city of Tikrit when they encountered intensive power and resistance by the Iraqi Army and the armed clans in North of the city, while many ISIL members have changed their clothes and shaved their beards to escape from both the armed forces and the local people. Earlier in Suleiman district, the ISIL military commander and his adjutant, were killed during a battle in East Tikrit.


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  1. revealing themselves as the pathetic excuses for humans they really are!! may their conscience be the their witness and executioner!!!

  2. we are jubiliant that amerli city is liberated .at the moment evry body knows this city is the symol of resistance.we wish the army run over the isil animal

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