ISIS kills woman for hurling stones in Sharqat

ISIS members. File photo.
ISIS members. File photo.

( Baghdad – Senior al-Hashed al-Shaabi leader Jabbar Maamouri informed on Thursday, that a woman in Sharqat was killed by ISIS for she hurled stones at a detachment of the outfit, avenging the death of her son who was killed by he outfit itself.

In a statement issued to the media, Mamouri said, “A woman in Sharqat was killed by the ISIS after she hurled stones at the members of the outfit as they had killed her only son right in front of her eyes. The lady, her son and few others were trying to escape from Sharqat when they came face-to-face with ISIS militants.”

It may be mentioned here that ISIS executes persons trying to flee Sharqat almost daily. Dozens of bodies lie in open along the paths and due to this, the paths have turned into a sort of open grave.


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  1. brave iraqi mother. the world spits on daesh and their twisted islamic ideology. they have done maximum damage to islam a religion of peace

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