ISIS organizes military parade in central Mosul to raise morale of its elements


( A local source in Nineveh province announced on Tuesday, that the ISIS group organized a military parade with a number of military vehicles in central Mosul to raise the morale of its elements, while emphasized that many of the city’s residents were surprised at the parade going smoothly without being targeted by the international coalition aircrafts, which are constantly patrolling over the city.

The source said in an interview for, “The ISIS group organized a military parade with a number of cars and military vehicles, touring the main streets in downtown Mosul.”

The source, who requested to remain anonymous, added: “ISIS organized this military parade to raise the morale of its elements the great losses inflected upon them in Salahuddin and the painful strikes by US-led international coalition aircrafts in Nineveh, targeting their gatherings and strongholds.”



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