ISIS smuggles food and fuel from Syria to Qa’im to finance its fighters west of Anbar

ISIS members. Archival photo.
ISIS members. Archival photo.

( Anbar – Anbar Provincial Council announced on Monday, that ISIS is smuggling food and fuel from Syria to Al-Qa’im District west of Anbar to finance its members, while called the security leaders to cleanse the border areas to cut ISIS supply lines.

The member of Anbar Provincial Council Farhan Mohammed Karbouli said in a press statement obtained by, “ISIS is smuggling various kinds of food and fuel from al-Raqqah and Albu Kamal areas in Syria to al-Qa’im District (460 km west of Anbar) to finance its fighters in the western regions.”

Karbouli added, “ISIS gangs were using the Syrian areas, for more than two years, in the smuggling of food, fuel, medical supplies and even weapons and missiles.”

“The government of Anbar called the security leaders to cleanse the Iraqi-Syrian border, in order to cut off ISIS funding, weaken their fighting skills and preventing the arrival of food and weapons to ISIS cells in the cities of Anbar,” Karbouli continued.

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