Islamic State drones, rockets kill 11 civilians, including school kids, in eastern Mosul

Buildings destroyed during previous clashes are seen as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah

Nineveh ( Islamic State drones and rocket shelling killed 11 civilians on Tuesday in areas recaptured by security forces in eastern Mosul, news reports quoted military and local sources as saying.

Anadolu Agency quoted Brig. Gen. Abdel-Karim al-Ameri saying that an IS-guided drone killed two school kids, aged less than 9, and wounded three others in al-Karaj area in the northeast.

Other drone attacks, said Ameri, killed seven civilians in Baya al-Mobasher (direct selling), al-Nour and Ninawa al-Sharqiya, and wounded three people at a medical unit in al-Sukkar district.

Missiles launched by the group killed two in al-Baladiyat district, also in eastern Mosul, according to Alsumaria News. Anadolu Agency said drones wounded three children boarding a vehicle in the same neighborhood.

According to Anadolu, a drone also dropped a bomb near Mosul University, wounding three, including a member of al-Hashd al-Ashaeri (Tribal Mobilization), a Sunni paramilitary group fighting IS on the government’s side.

Since Iraqi security forces took over eastern Mosul from IS late January, the extremist group, now concentrated in the west, has waged several deadly attacks against civilians and security troops in the recaptured areas, mainly relying on drones or militants sneaking via the Tigris River, which bisects the city.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared a new offensive on Sunday to invade the western region and drive out IS. Commanders have said they had recaptured nearly 17 villages in that region since operations launched.

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