Islamic State execute 3 youths near Kirkuk

Islamic State execute 3 youths near Kirkuk
ISIS publicly executing Iraqi men. File photo

Kirkuk ( A source in Kirkuk Province revealed, that the self-proclaimed Islamic State group executed three youths for collaborating with security forces, southwest of Kirkuk, Almada News reported on Wednesday.

The source said, “This morning, members of the Islamic State executed three young men, by firing squad, in Hawija, near the garage of Abbasi area.”

“The terrorist group accused the three youths of collaborating with security forces and trying to flee IS-held areas, southwest of Kirkuk,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

The Islamic State captured the areas southwest of Kirkuk in June 2014, including Hawija district, al-Zab, al-Riyad, al-Abbasi and al-Rashad.


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  1. I’m not one to veil my words or my sentiment . For the filthy animals that executed them and all who kill the innocent are sons of swine…pigs barbarians and deserve nothing less than public torture to death .Iraqis outnumber them and yet you do nothing …nothing ! they are religiously brainwashed psychotics send the fear of God to them compassion can not exist side by side with the maniacs that do this “now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” (Abraham Lincoln).

    • I also do not understand how the Iraqi people do not arise against Daesh. They outnumber them by the thousands and still let these handfull of men control them. If this was in the U.S. every man and women would have already gotten rid of this vermin. If I was in Mosul I would have sent my wife and kids away to safe zone and stayed with the men to attack the few ISIS left in Mosul. Iraqi men instead cower in fear and let their families be taken and slaughtered.

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