Islamic State’s “women executioner” assassinated in western Mosul

Islamic State militants executing women

Nineveh ( A senior leader of Islamic State was gunned down by unknown attackers in western Mosul on Saturday, according to a a security source.

The militant, nicknamed “Abu Abdulrahman”, a Saudi national, was shot at by unknown gunmen in al-Askari district, the source said in a press statement.

He was responsible for executions of females in that region, according to the source.

Islamic State militants still control most of the western section of Mosul, and are almost driven out from the east as Iraqi government forces have become a few districts away from declaring eastern Mosul IS-free.

Iraqi forces, backed by popular militias and US-led international advisers and troops, have entered a third month of operations to retake Mosul, the last outstanding IS stronghold in Iraq which fell to the group in 2014.

On Wednesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the basic military plan for Mosul’s liberation had been completed “in most combat axes” with the recapture of central Mosul, adding that operations continue to liberate “a few other regions” in the north of the city.

Commanders from the Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Forces said in a press conference on the same day they had retaken all districts assigned to them in eastern Mosul, killing 3300 militants since operations launched.

After getting finished with eastern Mosul, Iraqi generals plan to advance to the western region of the city beyond the Tigris River, where Islamic State still predominates a majority of territory.


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