Kuwaiti military jet penetrates Iraqi airspace: Official

Kuwaiti military jet penetrates Iraqi airspace: Official
A Kuwaiti military jet.

Basra ( A Kuwaiti jet exceeded the sound barrier early on Monday penetration into the Iraqi airspace, Alsumaria News reported.

Administration of Safwan district, located in al-Zubair town, south of Basra, urged apology from the Kuwaiti government to residents as they were intimidated by the sonic boom.

“A Kuwaiti military jet penetrated seven kilometers deep into the Iraqi airspace at around 8:30 AM near Safwan district,” said Taleb Khalil al-Hasawna, head of the district.

“The jet was flying at low altitude. Breaking the sound barrier was like an explosion,” which intimidated the residents, he added.

“The administration urges Basra Operations Command as well as the government through the consulate to demand an apology from the Kuwaiti government to the residents with promise not to be repeated,” he added.


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