Liberation of Mosul will be within months, says U.S. envoy John Allen

U.S. Retired General John Allen. File photo.
U.S. Retired General John Allen. File photo.

( U.S. envoy to the international coalition forces against ISIS, retired Gen. John Allen, said that the battle led by the coalition against ISIS is a long-term battle, while pointed out that the liberation of Mosul would be achieved within months.

Allen said in an interview with al-Arabiya Network, “The liberation of Mosul would be within months,” adding that, “I can say that it is within months, but I want to be very careful in guessing; and it is a question that the Iraqi military command can answer it.”

He asserted that the time is not in favor of ISIS, because the organization often targets weak governments, and the Iraqi government began to strengthen the pillars of governance.

He also expressed his belief that the tribal leaders in Iraq will play a greater role and create the climate which will not allow the return of “ISIS” or the emergence of similar organizations.


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  1. Months ago Iraqi forces encircled Mosul then they stopped advancing and for months everybody has been waiting for the liberation of Mosul to begin. I will believe it when it is actually happening and presently I cannot see Mosul being liberated.

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