Man sentenced to 10 years for killing his son in Thi Qar


( On Monday, a source in the Federal Thi Qar Court of Appeal announced that, a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing his own son by locking him up naked in the bathroom for a full day.

The source said in an interview for,”Dhi Qar Criminal Court issued today a sentence of ten years in prison against a man convicted of killing his son, aged ten years. The man stripped his son of his clothes and locked him up in the bathroom of his home for a full day in al-Sidinawih area south of Nasiriyah,” explaining that, “The court’s judgement came as a result of the circumstances and the horridness of the crime.”

The source, who requested anonymity, added, “The convicted abused his son, beat him up every day despite the fact that the boy was suffering from a deteriorating health condition,” adding that, “The boy’s mother, who is divorced from his father, resorted to filing a lawsuit against him for murdering her son.

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