Media officials: Security forces fully liberate 3 areas in Mosul

Iraqi security forces. File photo.
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

Nineveh – ( Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday, that security forces liberated three areas in Mosul completely, and killed four members of the Islamic State extremist group, including a senior leader, by an air strike in the southeastern axis of the city.

The officials said in a press statement, “Today, heroes of the Anti-Terrorism Directorate liberated the areas of Hayy al-Amn, Shafaq al-Khadraa and Shafaq al-Karama completely, and raised the Iraqi flag on their buildings, as well as recapturing Mosul Radio building.”

“International coalition air force conducted an air strike, resulting in the destruction of a vehicle and killing of four terrorists, including a senior leader the so-called Abu Anas al-Shishani, in al-Shomaysat village, in addition to destroying 3 mortar detachments in Jelikhan village,” the statement added.

“Troops of the army’s 9th Armored Brigade killed six terrorists, and destroyed two motorcycles in the southeastern axis,” the statement explained.

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