MP: IS killed 25 Iraqis bound to refugee camp in Syria

Displaced Iraqis who just fled their homes are transported to refugee camps as Iraqi forces battle with Islamic State militants, in western Mosul, Iraq February 28, 2017. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

Baghdad ( Islamic State militants have killed 25 Iraqi refugees and wounded 100 others who were heading to a refugee camp in Syria near the borders with Iraq, a senior parliamentarian said.

Abdul-Rahim al-Shamri, chairman of the parliament’s Human Rights Committee, said Tuesday Islamic State members committed a “massacre” against civilians stranded at the Salibi crossing, which leads to al-Houl refugee camp in Syria’s Hasakah. He said the attack was carried out “with all kinds of weapons”, and that the deaths included women and children.

Al-Houl region, Syria

The militants also kidnapped several refugees and seized their cars, according to Shamri, who did not specify an exact timing of the attack but urged the government to hasten with allowing Iraqi refugees in Syria into Iraq.

According to the Iraqi government, Iraq’s war against the Islamic State, which took over large areas on the country in 2014, has displaced at least 600.000 civilians since October, most of whom have reportedly endured difficult living conditions both at refugee camps and at areas still under the extremist group’s control. ِA total of more than four million displaced people are estimated since the group emerged in 2014.

The number of Iraqi refugees at al-Houl camp in Syria was estimated in February by at least 16.000.

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