Parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense reveals documents on coalition aircrafts aiding ISIS


( The Parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense revealed Tuesday, that there are many documents and photographs confirming that the international coalition aircrafts delivered aids, weapons and supplies to ISIS using parachutes, while the government demanded to provide a clear report on such violations, monitor the aircrafts movement and set up ambushes to bring them down.

Committee Chairman MP Hakim Zamili said in a press conference at the House of Representatives, attended by, “Our armed forces, volunteer fighters, Peshmerga and tribesmen have achieved victories against the ISIS organization in all operations,” noting that, “Meanwhile, we keep finding documents, pictures, and information confirming that the coalition aircrafts violate the Iraqi sovereignty and the international norms in order to prolong the war with ISIS by providing it with aid by air or on land.”

“We have been receiving this information continuously from many sources, documented in photos and reports to prove that the planes did land at some airports in Mosul, Tal Afar, Al Kiara, and Araf Lahib areas in Kara Tepeh in Diyala and Yathrib, in addition to Dhuluiya village, Fallujah Stadium in Anbar desert,” Zamali stated.

“The monitoring reports and available photos show ammunition, weapons and supplies being delivered by parachutes,” he added.

Zamili warned of the seriousness of this matter on Iraq’s security, that will prolong the war against ISIS. He demanded the government to provide a clear report for the House of Representatives and the Air Defense Forces to monitor the movement of aircrafts and to set up ambushes to bring them down and locate their sources.


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  1. Coalition airplanes? From which country? Is the commission completely sure that the photos are not alien flying saucers from the planet Melmac?

    • Haha so funny man, you’re so witty. obviously the coalition would never arm both sides of a conflict? would they? I mean is there a more morally incorruptible group of people than the old colonial powers? Is there?

      • We are living in 2015 now, not colonial times. Things develop, yes mistakes and stuff has happened in the past, especially during the cold war with Russia. USA gave for example weapons to Afghanistans to fight Russia, some of the weapons were later in the hands of rising extreme islamists (that was not the main intention). USA have learned, and have been half unwilling to give a lot of weapons to the factions of FSA, while they would want to support a group that later constructs a democratic country, some of the weapons given could get in hands of groups who becomes radicalised. USA have learned many lessons from the past. Therefore it´s against all common sense that the US would support ISIS in any way. Think of that from ISIS perspective… hey we have a “deal” with US led coalition that they drop us some food and weapons, and hey, they have killed 8000 of our fighters, destroyed a thousand of armed humwees and tanks, but hey we have a good deal with them, they drop some new food and handguns to us. YEEEEEAAAAAH.

        • wow it’s know-how to answer on accusation that your wrongdoing is out of common sense8) You had better file for obtaining patent.;)

          So, Iraq’s forces fighting with ISIS are so stupid to accuse The US with supporting Isil, unlike you sitting in the soft armchair.:)

          We face to an old dilemma what has more creditworthy what we see be our eyes or BS which we hear from you.8)

      • Once again we feel the urge to refer to the colonial past of western powers. Throughout history the balance of power has shifted incessantly between nations and regions. After the swift conquest of vast territories in Asia, Africa and Europe, the Muslim empire(s) reigned supreme for many centuries, leaving Western Europe behind in various respects (culturally, economically, militarily). Enlightenment ushered in a new era, in which Western powers gradually came to the fore and ultimately prevailed. Colonialism was part of their foreign policies and served their economic and strategic interests. For all its flaws and the injustices (like racism and slavery) it inflicted upon the colonies’ inhabitants, it contributed to the modernization of societies (infrastructure, health, technology,etc). It has to be considered in the light of the predominant world view of that time. It’s quite dishonest to hold today’s democratic states responsible for acts of their undemocratic predecessors committed in a different time and context.

  2. Thx David! 🙂 There is something in the Arab culture (now I don´t say all), but have seen a LOT of conspiracy theories by Arabs, they seem to love it. It´s ALWAYS someone else behind everything that happens. One day Baghdadi is killed by Coalition airstrike, another day the Coalition supports ISIS. One day an Iraqi religious leader is supporting terrorism, the other day he fights against them. Israel is also behind every enemy of everyone. So by Assad, Israel supports ISIS, and according to ISIS Israel supports Assad etc… you get the picture.
    No guys, I am 100% sure the US (can´t speak for all coalition countries) do not supply ISIS with weapons. one remark of that is that the one time a US drop was found by ISIS they immediately made a video to show what they had got. They wouldn´t do that if it was intended!

    • One of the aircraft pilot is g.w bush…theories? Conspiracy? Sounds like amateur u.s thinktank analyst

    • First, I do not believe for a moment that the US is actively supporting ISIS.

      However, with that said, the ISIS video to show what they had “found” is exactly what ISIS would do if they were being given airdrops. Consider the geo-political implications and strategy required by ISIS, they must maintain at all costs an anti-western sentiment and image as not to destroy their own credibility to their rank and file. Moreover, they must appear above conspiracy and reproach in the eyes of their followers. Yet, it is known that their funding capacity as a psuedo petrostate has been severely hampered, and as such, they must be able to maintain the fight which would require their leadership to gain resources from any means necessary including “sleeping with the enemy.”

  3. So pictures of aircraft dropping packages present evidence of alleged coalition support for IS? Who are the sources of the monitoring reports? I fear this is just another conspiracy theory trying to explain the long duration of the battle.

  4. I can not understand why the coalition countries do not employ its technology (which is modern and advanced) in the interception of these aeronaves.uma thing is certain not use all the technology to intercept these weapons supplies, this battle will take a long time and many people morrerão.tem to isolate the terrorists in their strongholds, make a barrier for without weapons and food these mice will go out of their holes.

    • What planes? Do you really believe that there are planes flying on the Iraqi airspace without the knowledge of the military and civilian air controllers? There are dozens of jet fighters flying over Iraq and Syria every single day.

  5. MP Hakim Zamili has made a very serious accusation in public against the International Coalition where the accusation should be immediately investigated to see if it is true or not. If true then the Iraqi Government should take immediate action to stop this and to punish accordingly those who did it including the country involved. If not true then Hakim Zamili has told an intentional untruth; a falsehood; something intended or serving to convey a false impression; a lie, and should be punished accordingly by the Iraqi Government and/or Iraqi Courts.

    About 60 countries are in the International Coalition and several of those countries did deliver humanitarian aid and weapons plus ammunition to both the Iraq Government and the Kurdish Peshmerga. As Hakim Zamili announced that accusation at an official press conference at the House of Representatives my Australian Government will hear of the accusation and would want to know if it was my Australian Airforce that did that, and if so the Australian Government would want the many documents and photographs, or at least copies of all of that.

    I highly doubt that any of my Australian Airforce people would want to help ISIL and they are in Iraq to drop bombs on ISIL and to “train and advise” Iraqi and Kurd soldiers. All I can see is that Hakim Zamili is stupid and has fallen for some ISIL planted propaganda, and it would be easy to take some photos of some planes, even off the internet, and then falsely say that the photos were taken behind ISIL lines or even at Mosul, and any documents can very easily be faked by anyone with a computer and printer.

    The Parliamentary Commission on Security and Defence is that the official agency that confirms if photos and documents are genuine or fake?
    Does this Commission usually deal with Intelligence and Security matters that occur behind enemy lines and which could be enemy propaganda?

    • No one in is perfect mind take that Zamili guy seriously. With the exception of the Kurds and Israelis, I have the idea that most of the Middle East politicians live in the Tra-la-la land.

  6. CLESIO I don’t know what you mean by aeronaves.uma and the other I think is just a typing mistake. But aeronaves is a Mexican private charter cargo service which anyone can hire to move cargo, I suppose that they might have some Hercules planes just like some coalition countries do have and which ISIL agents or the black market might use to transport weapons and ammunition. But if they did then the odds are they would be detected by Iraq’s Radars or Coalition Radars and would have been intercepted.

    Personally I think that what that Iraqi Minister has is ISIL propaganda in fake documents and photos which really don’t show where the planes are, or maybe photos of coalition planes at those Iraqi places TAKEN DURING OR AFTER THE LAST WAR WITH SADDAM. Some Iraqi civilians in those places during and after the last war would have taken photos and ISIL just gathered them up then used them for propaganda and which fooled that Minister.

    Consider that Minister Hakim al-Zamili might had motives for doing what he just did, maybe he is against the Coalition countries, always has been and always will be, read this article and see what it says about him when he was the Iraq Deputy Health Minister, the following from this address.

    Iraq’s No. 2 Health Official Is Held and Accused of Financing Shiite Militants
    The New York Times
    Published: February 9, 2007

    BAGHDAD, Feb. 8 — Iraqi and American troops arrested the second highest official in the Iraqi Health Ministry on Thursday, charging that he funneled millions of dollars to rogue Shiite militants who kidnapped and killed Iraqi civilians.

    The United States military said in a statement that the official was suspected of using his position to run a rogue unit of the Mahdi Army, the Shiite militia that claims loyalty to the cleric Moktada al-Sadr. The statement accused the official of flooding the Health Ministry’s payroll with militants, embezzling American money meant to pay for Iraq’s overworked medical system and using Health Ministry “facilities and services for sectarian kidnapping and murder.”

    The military’s statement did not identify the official, but several Iraqi government officials said he was Deputy Health Minister Hakim al-Zamili, a Shiite with longstanding ties to the Sadr organization. An Interior Ministry official said the authorities in recent weeks had come to believe that Mr. Zamili was using government ambulances to ferry weapons and militants across Sadr City, hiding them from American raids.

    Mr. Zamili’s detainment was the latest of several high-profile arrests or killings of commanders from the Mahdi Army in recent weeks. He was the fifth Iraqi deputy or cabinet level official to be arrested and charged with corruption since 2003, according to Iraq’s Commission on Public Integrity, and the first known example of a senior Iraqi official charged with directly contributing to the country’s convulsive sectarian violence.

    He was arrested as new Iraqi Army and police checkpoints appeared all over Baghdad as part of the new security plan for the city. Though it was unclear whether Mr. Zamili’s arrest was part of the new plan, it underscored the challenge that American troops faced as they tried to secure the capital while relying on an Iraqi government with questionable loyalties.

    The Health Ministry is one of six ministries controlled by officials affiliated with Mr. Sadr. And even as Iraqi hospital officials complain of medicine and equipment shortages, the ministry has often been the site of dramatic kidnappings and killings.

    In November, Mr. Zamili’s predecessor, Ammar al-Saffar, a Shiite, was kidnapped by at least 24 gunmen wearing the uniforms of Interior Ministry policemen. Though he was abducted in a Sunni neighborhood, there were questions at the time about whether he had been removed by Shiite rivals.

    Neither American nor Iraqi officials connected Mr. Zamili to Mr. Saffar’s kidnapping, but the American statement said the arrested official was implicated in the deaths of several Health Ministry officials, including a director general in Diyala Province.

    Though the statement from the American military said Iraqi forces had made the arrest, witnesses said American Humvees flooded the ministry building about 9 a.m., firing warning shots into the air and breaking windows before seizing Mr. Zamili, several guards and important paperwork in his office.

    Shiite officials said Mr. Zamili’s arrest was an affront to Iraqi sovereignty. The health minister, Ali al-Shammari, called the arrest an abduction and demanded proof to support the charges against his deputy.

    Bahar al-Araji, one of 30 members of the Sadr bloc in Parliament, said American troops should have sought permission to search the ministry from the prime minister or an Iraqi court.

    “This is not an attack on the Sadr organization,” he said. “It’s an attack on the Iraqi government.”

    His comments suggested that the Sadr organization planned to stand by its stated policy of refusing to outwardly fight American and Iraqi troops as the security plan moves through Baghdad. In recent weeks, Sadr officials have repeatedly sought to show that the Mahdi Army is only a defensive organization that aims to protect Shiite residents from Sunni attacks.

    The American military also said in a statement that an airstrike in Anbar Province on two suspected safe houses for foreign fighters killed 13 insurgents. But witnesses said the airstrike flattened four houses, killing at least 35 people, including women and children. There was no immediate way to confirm either claim.

    Witnesses said the site of the airstrike, a mostly Sunni Arab area northeast of Amiriya, near Falluja, had been the site of vicious battles between fighters with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and local tribes. One tribal leader said the clashes started because Al Qaeda wanted tribal leaders to join its fight, and they refused.

    Violence also continued to rage near the capital, with news agencies reporting that gunmen killed 14 men from the same Sunni family just north of Baghdad.

    The United States military announced that four marines were killed Wednesday in separate episodes in Anbar Province. Seven other people were killed the same day when a Marine transport helicopter crashed in an insurgent-heavy region northwest of Baghdad.

    And in what appeared to be a rare case of cross-sectarian solidarity, the police in Diyala Province said a family of 25 Shiites — moving from a Sunni area after receiving death threats — was saved from death on Thursday when their Sunni neighbors repelled an insurgent ambush. Iraqi security forces were called in to help, and continued the battle, killing six gunmen.

    Reporting was contributed by Ahmad Fadam, Wisam A. Habeeb, Hosham Hussein, Khalid al-Ansary and Qais Mizher.

  7. Well what’s the difference than Iraqi military dropping arms an running away leaving all their equipment behind for ISIS to use.

  8. More conspiracy theories from the doper gang of al-Sadr. All these fools have been smoking to much hashish for too many years. But it does serve their political agenda. No proof, no documents, just delusions from the dopers.

    • YES more conspiracy theories from the doper gang of al-Sadr. The Shiite militia that claims loyalty to the cleric Moktada al-Sadr, and Iraqi MP Hakim Zamili is well known to be associated with the cleric Moktada al-Sadr.

      Simply there is another war in Iraq between the Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims and where they are even killing each other with guns and bombs. This has been going on for many years and particularly so since al-Sadr’s Shia returned to Iraq after the war with Saddam Hussein. The Coalition forces in Iraq spent many years trying to stop that war, but that war is still going on today and MP Hakim Zamili’s accusations against the Coalition forces is really just a part of that war. IF they force the Coalition countries forces out of Iraq then they would have a better chance of winning that religious war and which would force or kill every Sunni out of Iraq.

  9. are we surprised by the double game the West is placing against the ISIS threat?
    Reports that ISIL is the result of the sick collaboration of US, GB and Israel might have some truth in it. Quickly denounced as hoax by major media outlets; while our politicians and their helpful propagandist media work hard to dismiss/deny the very thing that they are accused of. Is there really anybody left on the planet that still believe in the ‘peaceful’ intentions of the US of A superpower? how far are they from that very concept of peace they prone, where everywhere they go, a trail of blood and destruction results? There is indeed a massive disconnect from the purveyed narrative. They talk the Talk while walking in the opposite direction.
    At home (through out the Western world) too Isil is mana from heaven, or more to the point, the lube that justifies the loss of our liberties by Stasi like legislation and initiatives. The lube that make that loss not only bearable but welcome to be swallowed.
    So now great chief Obama is begging Senate to allow for boots on the ground. Why now that Kobane an Mosul have been taken out of the hands of ISIL? or is it because the upgraded Mercenaries (ISIL the mercenaries with an ideology!) are loosing ground?

  10. WildRider mentioned “At home (through out the Western world) too Isil is mana from heaven,………”

    Now that certainly is writing lies as in the Western world ISIL certainly is NOT mana from heaven, and so much NOT so that the Western world has come all the way to Iraq and Syria to drop bombs on ISIL.

    WildRider due you think that the millions of refugees who fled from ISIL thinks that ISIL is mana from heaven. What about all the women who were forced to marry ISIL fighters, do you think that they think that ISIL is mana from heaven.

    The only people that would say ISIL is mana from heaven would be ISIL members and supporters within ISIL. ISIL members and supports have been known to write and tell lies about ISIL when trying to get more people to support ISIL, and even to convince people to come and join ISIL and to become fighters for ISIL.

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