ISIS seizes large weapons arsenal abandoned by Iraqi Army in Ramadi says US Department of Defense

Archival photo
Archival photo.

( The US Department of Defense “Pentagon” accused the Iraqi army of leaving behind large quantities of weapons and ammunition when it pulled out of the city of Ramadi on Sunday. The weapons, which have been seized by ISIS, include tanks, armored vehicles and heavy guns.

After the fall of the city of Mosul at the hands of ISIS last June, the latter have seized massive amounts of American weapons and sophisticated gear left by the Iraqi army. After this date ISIS became stronger; it doubled its strength and its fighters became roaming by “Humvee” vehicles and American tanks and they sent a large portion of these weapons to ISIS elements in Syria as well.

What happened in Mosul is repeated now in Ramadi, according to the US Department of Defense. The Pentagon published a statement in which it accused the Iraqi army that it left behind, during its withdrawal from Ramadi, six tanks mostly usable, and a similar number of heavy guns, along with dozens of personnel carriers, and nearly 100 “Humvee” armored vehicles, in addition to unknown quantities of medium and heavy ammunition.


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