A Peshmerga brigade of Turkmens to be established

A Peshmerga brigade of Turkmens to be established
Peshmerga soldiers.

Erbil (BasNews) A Kurdish MP stated that a brigade of Turkmens will be created within the Peshmerga forces, saying that Peshmerga needs to be composed of all Kurdistan Region entities as it does not belong to Kurds alone.

Shakhawan Abdullah, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament, told BasNews a Peshmerga brigade from Turkmens will be established, noting that Peshmerga should contain all components of the Kurdistan Region, given the fact that Peshmerga does not only belong to Kurds.

He stated that a Peshmerga brigade consisting entirely of Arabs who have recently concluded their training will soon begin to operate within the Peshmerga forces.

The financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region has been a barrier to the creation of a Peshmerga unit for Turkmens otherwise this would have happened a long time ago, said the official. He noted that the Peshmerga brigade for Turkmens will be created in the near future.

He added that multi-ethnic components within Peshmerga shows the force is not against any entity and equally protects all of them.

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