Peshmerga denies using German weapons against troops in Kirkuk

Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.

Kirkuk ( Peshmerga troops have responded to a statement by the Joint Operations Command, at which it said the kurdish troops used German weapons against Iraqi troops in Altun Kupri in Kirkuk.

“Allegations over presence of foreign forces in Bardi is a lie,” a statement by the command of western Kirkuk-Bardi axis said. “We did not initiate fighting in the attack carried out by the al-Hashd al-Shaabi [Popular Mobilization Forces].”

“The statement issued by the Iraqi Joint Operations Command included lies that targeted concealing the truth,” Peshmerga said.

Peshmerga, according to the statement, “was in its positions and did not initiate fighting. It only defended itself and managed to repulse it, blocking the road in front of the attacking forces.”

The troops also denied using German weapons and wondered about PMFs use of western weapons against Kurds.

Earlier on the day, the JOC said Peshmerga used German weapons, destroying a tank, killing two personnel and wounding five others. It also added that the federal troops headed toward the region upon calls from residents as it became a shelter for terrorists of Turkish and Iranian Kurds.

Iraqi government forces approached Friday the southern borders of Erbil, capital of semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region, shortly after engaging in clashes with the region’s forces in Qush Taba and Altun Kupri in northern Kirkuk.

Iraqi troops, backed by Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), took over Kirkuk province from Kurdish Peshmerga fighters last week, fulfilling instructions previously made by Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to retake areas where sovereignty is disputed with Kurdistan Region’s Government

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