Peshmerga forces kill 15 ISIS elements Sinjar west of Mosul

Peshmerga forces file photo.
Peshmerga forces file photo.

( Dohuk – Kurdish official announced on Friday that Peshmerga forces repulsed ISIS attack on the district of Sinjar west of Mosul, killing 15 ISIS elements, as well as the burning of five wheels belonging to them.

Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul  Saeed Mamouzini said in an interview for, “The Peshmerga forces were able today to repel an attack by ISIS militants in Sinjar district west of Mosul,” stressing that “armed clashes broke out between the two parties, which resulted in death of 15 components of the organization, as well as the destruction of five ISIS wheels. ”

Mamouzini added:“coalition aircrafts supported by the Peshmerga forces managed to cause material losses to ISIS fleeing elements.”


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  1. When ISIS invaded Iraq the Iraqi forces in Sinjar fled and left the civilians undefended. Many civilians were slaughtered and then the Peshmerga came to help those who managed to escape to the Sinjar mountains, and today the Peshmerga as still there helping the civilians. Iraq claims this area belongs to Iraq yet Iraq forces did nothing for the civilians and left them to be slaughtered by ISIS, and due to that I feel that the Sinjar area should belong to the Peshmerga and the civilians that actually live there.

  2. The Baghdad Government does not want to give them long range heavy weapons that the US wants to send to them and all weapons to them must go through the Baghdad Government.

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