Peshmerga forces thwart ISIS attacks near Mosul

Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.
Kurdish Peshmerga forces. File photo.

( Erbil – A local source in Erbil informed Iraqi News that Peshmerga forces successfully thwarted two separate ISIS offensives on Sunday early hours at Bashiqa and Gwer fronts.

“Military sources informed that ISIS carried out the first attack attack earlier today at 04:00 am local time against the Peshmerga forces at Gwer, southeast of Mosul.

Meanwhile, the ISIS carried out another offensive on Peshmerga bases at Bashiqa front in northeastern Mosul on Sunday at 06:00 am local time.

“After nearly two hours of clashing, the Peshmerga forces successfully repelled both ISIS offensives, inflicting them with serious damage, but their casualty figures however remain unconfirmed,” the source added seeking anonymity.

The Peshmerga, earlier in mid-August, made significant gains against ISIS in these areas, liberating 11 villages and killing over 130 members of the outfit.

Kurdish officials said then that approximately 150 square kilometers were cleared from ISIS, and that extremist group no more had the capability to pose a threat to Erbil.

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