Peshmerga Holds 80 Kilometres of Iraq-Syria Border West of Mosul: Commander

US-led coalition forces provide Peshmerga with training.

ERBIL (BasNews/ A distance of 80 km of border area between Iraq and Syria is under the control of Kurdistan Region Peshmerga forces, said a Peshmerga commander.

Hashim Sitayi, a Peshmerga commander, told BasNews that 80 km of Iraq-Syria border expanding from Sheila to Sinuni in north-west of Mosul is secured by the Peshmerga forces, including all the strategic border crossings such as Peshkhabur, Rabia and Khazuka.

He stated that the Peshmerga forces are planning to further tighten the security of the border, adding that no forces will be allowed to cross the border held by Peshmerga.

Peshmerga forces managed to recapture all the Kurdish areas in north and north-west of Mosul from the Islamic State by the end of 2016.

Peshmerga forces have actively engaged in the security campaign against Islamic State militants, mainly in areas where sovereignty is disputed with the central government in Baghdad.

Both governments in Iraq and Erbil engaged in political spats over regions recaptured by Kurdish Peshmerga (army) troops from the Islamic State militants since campaigns against the group launched in October. While Kurdish politicians and MPs occasionally reiterated they were not going to cede those areas, Baghdad said it was expecting Kurdish troops to pull out after IS is eliminated.

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