Policeman killed, 6 wounded as Iraqi warplane wrongly strikes western Mosul home

FILE PHOTO: A member of the Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) walks at the site after an air strike attack against Islamic State triggered a massive explosion in Mosul, Iraq March 29, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

Mosul ( An Iraqi army warplane wrongly killed a police member and wounded six others on Wednesday when it bombed a house in western Mosul, an Iraqi security source said.

Ahmed al-Luheibi, an officer at Nineveh police service, told Anadolu Agency that the warplane bombarded a house in Mosul al-Jadida district which police forces used as a temporary unit.

No comment has been made yet by the Iraqi Joint Operations Command around the incident.

Mosul al-Jadida district in western Mosul (Google Maps)

Iraqi forces, backed by a U.S.-led coalition, retook eastern Mosul from Islamic State militants in January, and pushed for the western side in mid February. Only a few hundred militants are thought to be under siege in the Old City from where the group first declared its control over a third of Iraq and a third of Syria in 2014.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in botched strikes by security forces and the allied U.S.-led coalition, which recently admitted causing the death of more than 350 civilians since 2014. Others have been killed by IS snipers or caught and executed upon trying to flee areas held by the group in Mosul to others controlled by security troops.

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