Relics of 7 Yazidi victims of Islamic State found in Iraq’s Sinjar

ISIS buried thousands in 72 mass graves in Iraq and Syria

Sinjar ( The relics of seven Iraqi Yazidi victims of Islamic State massacres were found in the mintority’s habitat of Sinjar, west of Iraq, a local official was quoted saying.

Mahma Khalil, Sinjar mayor, was quoted, by Kurdish network Rudaw, saying that a mass grave of seven Yazidi Kurds was found in Kar Azir town, out of whom five were identified.

He said this raises the total number of mass graves discovered since Islamic State extremists were expelled from the region to 71, a number that is potentially increasable, he clarified.

The Yazidi ethnic minority endured the worst of Islamic State brutality since the extremists took over a third of Iraq’s territories in 2014, according to United Nations reports, with the women reportedly taken as sex slaves and forced to convert.

Iraq declared victory ovet the extremist group late 2017, ending a three-year war.

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