Report of IS Chemical Attacks on Peshmerga Ready for UN

Missiles containing chemical materials used by the Islamic State.

Erbil (BasNews/ The detailed report of the chemical attacks conducted by the Islamic State (IS) jihadists against the Peshmerga forces is ready to be handed to the UN and the US, according to a Peshmerga commander.

In a statement to BasNews on Thursday, Jamal Murtka said that more than four times IS raided the Peshmerga forces with chemical weapons in Gwer, Makhmur and other frontlines.

The report shows how the Islamic jihadists, through their chemical offensives, intended to make Peshmerga retreat from the battleground, the official declared.

Dozens of Peshmerga conscripts were wounded in the attacks.

According to Murtka, some international organizations interviewed the victims and this has also been documented in the report as evidence.

Murtka, who supervises Gwer battleground, said that most of the chemical weapons used by IS were improvised in Mosul by the former Ba’athist army officials.

Last year, Kurdish military sources disclosed the Islamic State use of chemical weapons against Peshmerga troops in several areas, which caused injury of several personnel.

The troops have been exposed to chemical attacks by IS over the past two years.

In December, the Board to Combat Chemical Weapons (BCCW) in the Ministry of Peshmerga was formed after the IS militants use of chemical weapons against the Kurdish forces was proved.

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