Righteous Movement announces full liberalization of Baiji

Secretary-General of Righteous Movement
Secretary-General of Righteous Movement

( Baghdad – The Secretary-General of Righteous Movement, Sheikh Qais al-Khazali, announced on Sunday the liberation of Baiji.

Khazali said in an interview for, “We liberated the city of Baiji entirely,” noting that “Joint forces of the Iraqi army and al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia backed by Iraqi aviation were able today to fully liberate the district.”

“The battles resulted in the killing of large numbers of ISIS elements, as well as inflicting heavy losses in equipment upon them,” Khazali added.

It is noteworthy that “League of the Righteous Movement” called (in May 8, 2015) for forming a joint operations room with al-Hashed al-Sha’bi militia for the liberation of Baiji refinery, stressing that any battle cannot be resolved without the participation of themselves.


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  1. Baiji is within a Sunni area and winning battles with ISIS is one thing. The question still remains is the underlying causes of ISIS’s rise still there and there are Iraqi Sunni who do accuse the Shiite-led Iraqi Government of marginalising and targeting the Sunni minority communities. This has caused Iraq to still struggling to survive as a unified nation, gripped by seemingly endless violence, sectarianism and humanitarian tragedy. Now a Shiite army is at their homes and it is yet to be seen what the Sunni residents will say and do when they return back to their homes and that’s if they have any homes to come back too. Is the war really over in Baiji?

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