Security forces begin operation in Biji, 70 ISIS militants killed

Representational file photo.
Representational file photo.

Salahuddin ( The governor of Salahuddin province Raed al-Jabroui announced Thursday, that an extensive security operation has begun to liberate the district of Biji, asserting that so far 70 ISIS militants have been killed during clashes with the security forces.

Al-Jabouri stated to IraqiNews in an interview, “An extensive security operation has begun today to liberate the district of Biji, located 40 km northern Tikrit,” noting that, “The security forces have managed to advance on ISIS from the southern part of the district and kill 70 elements of the group during fierce clashes.”


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  1. noticia.continuem عظيم محاربة الشعب العراقي المحاربين أفانتي ضد هؤلاء الأوغاد isis.a الإنسانية وذلك بفضل … في نهاية المطاف مع هذه اللعينة ملتح وإيزيس نتن !!!

  2. I am not against ISLAAM but I want to ask this ISIS people what they are going to prove by killing this all people’s
    shame on you man #### tere paigambar abhi soch raha hoga tujhe kese maut doon….

  3. These enimies of humanitymust be eliminated from this world. Just like they burn the people alve every one of them should be burn alive.

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