Security forces in Anbar raid 5 desert areas in search of IS cells

Security forces in Anbar raid 5 desert areas in search of IS cells
Iraqi security forces in western Mosul.

Anbar (IraqiNews) Qatari al-Obeidi, Commander al-Hashd al-Shaabi in Anbar province, said on Sunday that security forces raided five desert areas in Anbar in search of IS cells.

In a press statement, Obeidi said that security forces from al-Jazeera Operations Command, backed by paramilitary forces, launched offensives on the areas of Umm al-Waz, al-Madham, J-Wan, Moasher and Wadi Horan in the deep desert of the western regions, in search of the remnants of the Islamic State terrorists and their weapons caches.

“The security forces have cordoned off all the targeted areas while the military aviation provided the necessary security protection to the invading forces,” Obeidi said, while indicated that the offensives came within an operation to clear all desert areas and secure them from the threat of the criminal group.

It is noteworthy that security forces occasionally raid the desert areas of Anbar Province to track down any dormant cells of an Islamic State terrorist group.

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