Security forces liberate 2 areas near Ramadi, 4 ISIS members killed

Iraqi security forces. File photo.
Iraqi security forces. File photo.

( Anbar – al-Hashd al-Shaabi Command in Anbar today announced liberating two areas between Heet and Baghdadi, west of Ramadi, and killing four ISIS members during the operation.

Tribal leader, Sheikh Qatary al-Samarmad said, “This morning, the security forces, backed by tribal fighters, liberated al-Jard and al-Taysa that are located between Heet and Baghdadi. Four ISIS members were also killed in the operation.”

“The combat troops are now preparing to establish the floating bridge on the Euphrates River to link Baghdadi Island with Heet district, in order to break into the remaining areas that are still under ISIS control,” Samarmad added.

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