Security forces repel ISIS attack north of Ameriyat Fallujah

Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.
Iraqi army forces. Archival photo.

( The security committee of Anbar Provincial Council announced on Monday, that the joint security forces had foiled an assault by ISIS militants north of Ameriyat al-Fallujah.

Rageh Barakat, the memeber of the security committee, said in a statement followed by, “The ISIS had carried out an offensive by suicide bombers, wearing explosive belts, and booby-trapped vehicles against the security forces and clans in the areas of al-Hasa and Albu A’asi north of Ameriyat Fallujah (23 km south of Fallujah),” pointing out that, “The security forces and clan fighters managed to repel the [ISIS] attack and inflict material and human losses upon [its elements].”

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